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What is All In One Email?
All In One Email truly puts all your email needs in one place. We are equipped to send email via our internal SMTP relay, set and forget it automation flows and drip campaigns, robust reporting, email validation and an easy to use interface.
Is All In One Email an Email Service Provider?

Yes and No. We do have an in-house SMTP relay mailing platform, but you don't have to use it to benefit from all our other features. If you have your own account at Sendgrid, Sparkpost, Amazon SES or others, we integrate directly with them to send your email.

Why All In One Email?
There's several key benefits to using the All In One Email platform compared to some competitors.
  1. Everything is in one place. You won't have multiple service providers to log into everyday.
  2. Our platform was built for advanced email marketing professionals who are high volume mailers.
  3. We built in features like offer rotation and template rotation that other providers simply do not have. This way your best offers and templates make you more money.
How can All In One Email help my business?

We make it easy for you to send a lot of mail. Our system was built with ease of use in mind. From automations that work on their own to reporting, you'll be more efficient in getting your mail delivered.

What's your API capability?

Our API provides integration with any CRM system like Hubspot, Jetpack, Salesforce, Zoho, Zapier and more. We can accept live leads, new purchasers and opt-ins that come into your system, place them into the list of your choice and start them on an automated email journey.

What is an SMTP relay?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an email protocol used for sending email messages from one email account to another via the internet.

SMTP relay services (like Sendgrid, Sparkpost & Amazon SES) provide businesses with a way to use a separate domain and email server when sending their email. This provides a way for businesses to send marketing messages to thousands of recipients without having the business domain blocklisted as spam.

The All In One Email platform provides all the tools to send email to your SMTP relay provider. Other SMTP relay providers do not have a front end interface. This is where our system comes into play.

What if I have an MTA or an On-Premise email solution?
Our platform can connect and send to your MTA (like Message Systems or Power MTA), private, or on-premise email solution.
What other services do you provide?

We provide one-on-one campaign consulting and campaign management for an additional fee. Pricing depends on the scope of your needs.

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